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About CDFY & it's History 

The Council for Drug-Free Youth (CDFY) understands the importance of collaboration with community partners to provide inclusive activities that support youth in leading a fulfilling, alcohol and drug-free life. By working together with various organizations, stakeholders, and communities, CDFY creates a supportive environment that empowers youth to make positive choices and support one another.

CDFY has been a driving force in Central Missouri communities! What started as a group of committed parents in the early 80s has grown into a powerful coalition of community members, business leaders, law enforcement, healthcare providers, and schools all working together to show our youth that a drug and alcohol-free lifestyle is not only possible but truly fulfilling. CDFY's founders researched the most effective prevention programs, engaging young people in the conversation to ensure the information provided was impactful. Thanks to their hard work and dedication, CDFY continues to provide our community's youth with education and resources to make smart choices and stay healthy! 

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Annual Report Information

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