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History of CDFY

CDFY has been serving the communities of Central Missouri for over 35 years. The coalition began as a group of concerned parents in the early 1980’s who wanted to ensure that youth in the community learned that a drug and alcohol free life was not only possible but fulfilling. The initial group of parents sought community members, business leaders, law enforcement, healthcare providers and schools to collaborate and create an organization that provides the youth of our community information and education regarding the consequences of drugs and alcohol. They researched best practices for prevention programs and engaged youth in the discussion to ensure the efficacy of the information.  


1988 CDFY began the Safety Kids program, which consists of a peer to peer performance group that offers 5th grade performers an opportunity to provide leadership and information regarding the consequences of drugs and alcohol to children in grades K-5. This program consists of five different themes to ensure a unique experience throughout the child’s elementary career and is still ongoing providing the prevention message to approximately 9000 students per year. 

1991 CDFY introduced the COPE program to 7th grade students. COPE is an acronym for communication offers positive enrichment, this is a facilitated program that provides the latest marijuana, tobacco and alcohol information, including decision making and coping skills. This program reaches approximately 1200 students annually.

1996 CDFY introduced a student recognition program that consists of a student of the month recognition in the local newspaper and other awards, invitation to an annual recognition banquet for the student and parents, plus the potential for a college scholarship at the end of senior year. 

1998 Team Challenge was introduced in conjunction with the Missouri National Guard. This facilitated program encourages trust, understanding and acceptance through communication with a strong substance abuse prevention message. The program also emphasizes that fun does not require substance use. Approximately 1200 students are served annually.

2009 CDFY realized the importance of reaching the parents in our community to educate and inform them of the prevention efforts and youth substance use concerns within our community and began Parent/Community Forums and now meets parents at meetings and events which they already attend in an effort to increase community impact.

2019 CDFY held its first Over the Edge fundraiser. A number of brave participants had the opportunity to rappel down the Jefferson State Office Building, in exchange for donations back to Council for Drug Free Youth. We raised about $19,000.

1983 CDFY formed a non-profit organization.

1989 CDFY introduced the Baseline program for 9th grade students.  This is a facilitated program which provides information regarding the consequences of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. This program focuses on the impact of alcohol, marijuana and other substances and includes a panel of individuals suffering the consequences of substance abuse enhances the impact and encourages good life choices. We continually modify this program to ensure efficacy and served approximately 1200. 

1995 Show Me Players was introduced as another peer to peer program, presenting information regarding the benefits of remaining drug free. This program was revised in 2012 due to feedback received and now consists of 7th grade performers presenting to 4th & 5th grade students. 2400 fourth and fifth grade students are served annually by this program.

1996 CDFY Scholarships are provided to five area students who have remained drug and alcohol free through their senior year and plan to do so in college until they are 21, based upon essay submissions and interviews.

2006 CDFY introduced the Tobacco Prevention program in conjunction with area health care providers. This facilitated program is presented to 3rd grade students and demonstrates in an engaging manner the dangerous effects of tobacco on the human body. This program reaches approximately 1200 3rd grade children each year.

2012 The Underage Prevention Leadership Involvement for Teens (UPLIFT) program was started. UPLIFT is a drama group that meets during the summer and develops skits designed to educate 6th graders about alcohol, tobacco, prescription drugs, marijuana, bullying and suicide.

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