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Let's Volunteer!

Your involvement is what makes our programs possible! Whether you serve on a committee or just volunteer a few times a year, the coalition would not be possible without you!


We currently serve 19,000 public and private school students in over 7 counties, but with your help, we can expand our services to reach over 35,000 students in Mid-Missouri! Feel free to contact us if you’d like to be involved. 

Learn more about the committee below.


  • Assist with Ice Cream Social

  • Volunteer at Events




Health Fairs

CDFY's events

  • Civic Outreach Opportunities

  • Recruit volunteers for events

Community Outreach

Strategic Planning

  • Long-term mission-centric planning

  • Assess programs and policies as needed

  • Plan for future needs of CDFY and its mission

  • Annual review of By-Laws,  Policies, and Action Plan

  • Support advocacy efforts

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