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As a mother of 4 and former member of the Jefferson City School Board, Dr. Sweeney welcomes the opportunity to put her knowledge to use helping local students learn how fulfilling a drug-free life can be.  Joy expertly directs the CDFY staff in all aspects of program implementation.  Dr. Sweeney is a tremendous advocate for prevention efforts in our community and throughout the state.

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Judy has been with Council for Drug Free Youth since the beginning.  On top of keeping Joy in-line and on-time, she has also served as accountant and bookkeeper for CDFY for 30 years.  She was also the Coalition Member of the Month in March of 2016.

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Tijera recently worked as an Assistant Sports Director at the Greater Kansas City YMCA. Her drive and motivation is to help develop activities for youth to establish healthy habits in their path to achieving their dreams.  She chose to work at CDFY because of the importance of what CDFY is trying to accomplish for the community and thinks that it is important to instill the value of a drug-free life in our youth because it is crucial to their development into adulthood.

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CDFY appreciates those who share thoughts, ideas, and suggestions as to how we can work together to reduce youth substance use.  Please reach out to one of us via email, phone, facebook, or attend an upcoming coalition meeting.  We want your input!


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