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Facilitator Job Description
2023-2024 School Year 

Are you looking for a part-time position? CDFY is always looking to hire facilitators. 


Council for Drug-Free Youth (CDFY) is a non-profit organization that coordinates three programs within Cole, Osage, Miller, Camden, Callaway, and Moniteau county schools.

The programs are COPE, TEAM, and Baseline.  
COPE focuses on 7th graders, and the facilitators provide the latest drug, alcohol, tobacco, and suicide prevention information while addressing decision-making and coping skills. COPE helps students think through the situations they may encounter regarding drugs. All COPE activities are provided in a way that engages participants. 
TEAM focuses on 8th graders, and the facilitators will encourage trust, understanding, and acceptance among their peers through communication with a powerful substance abuse prevention message.

Baseline focuses on 9th graders, and the facilitators will increase awareness of the impact alcohol and other drugs can have on a student, the family, and the community. 
Each program provides information and enables participants to comprehend the facts that will inform healthy life choices.

 Submit Cover Letter

and Resume to CDFY:

512 Jefferson St.
Jefferson City, MO 65101

For additional information or questions regarding the positions

listed above please contact
Andrea Holloway at

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