Mid-Missouri's Got Talent!


Welcome to a new school year! Here at CDFY we're gearing up to get our drug-free, healthy lifestyle message out to even more students.  How can you help?


Some current and former Safety Kids performed in the United Way's Mid-Missouri's Got Talent Show on Sept 12.  Keeping with the Annual Campaign's theme of Disney they sang A Drug Free World, their version of the classic Aladdin song A Whole New World.  As you can see from the video, they rocked it!



The 2017-2018 Safety Kids begin their tour of Mid-MO Elementary Schools in October.  Call 636-2411 or email info@jccdfy.org to find out how you can help them spread their drug free message.

3rd Annual Video Contest


Calling all 9-12th grade students!

October means Red Ribbon Week! And Red Ribbon Week means CDFY's Annual Video Contest! 

This year's theme is What Drug Free Means to Me! Visit the Contest page to see more details on how to win the cash prizes!


AMCAP Re-Fi Opportunity

Do you know someone looking to buy a new home or re-finance their current home? AMCAP Mortgage, LTD is offering to make a $200 donation to CDFY for every one of our supporters who closes on a home or refinances their mortgage with them.

Call Erik Janeczko at 573-298-6330 to find out more.

Parental Attitude Surveys


We know the majority of underage drinkers start at 13 (that's the 7th grade) and we know that those are the kids who are most likely to go on to abuse drugs.  We went to JCPS's Middle School and High School back to school event this year and surveyed the parents there to learn what they thought about underage drinking. 


You can see the full results HERE.  But take a glimpse at the chart and table to the right.  Parent's aren't OK with their kids drinking alcohol at 13! So what's happening? Where's the disconnect?


Join us at our next coalition meeting and tell us how to better tackle this issue!