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Join the Central Bank Tailgate and Be a Part of the Fun!


Join the Central Bank Tailgate and Be a Part of the Fun!

Central Bank is hosting its annual tailgate event at the upcoming local high school football games, and we want YOU to be a part of this incredible celebration of drug-free fun and community spirit! As a valued member of our community, we invite you to sign up as a volunteer and make a positive impact on the lives of our youth.

What's In Store for You:

  • CDFY Logo Bracelets: As a CDFY volunteer, you'll have the opportunity to distribute CDFY logo bracelets to each participant as they enter the Central Bank Tailgate. These bracelets carry a powerful prevention message, promoting a drug-free lifestyle among our youth.

  • Enjoy the Football Game: Once all the bracelets are distributed, it's time for you to kick back and enjoy the thrilling high school football game! Cheer for the local teams and be part of the exciting atmosphere.

  • Grab Your Tailgate T-Shirt: As a token of our appreciation, each volunteer will receive a special Central Bank Tailgate t-shirt. Wear it with pride and be a part of our united team working towards a safer and healthier community.

  • Delicious Meal for FREE: Food is a big part of any tailgate, and we've got you covered! Indulge in a scrumptious meal and enjoy the camaraderie of fellow volunteers and attendees.

How to Sign Up:

  • Time and Location: The tailgate event is scheduled to start at a specific time. To ensure everything runs smoothly, we kindly request all volunteers to arrive 15 minutes before the tailgate begins.


Available Slots:

  • Sep 8th California Pintos Tailgate

  • Sep 15th Blair Oaks Falcons Tailgate

  • Oct 6th Helias Crusaders Tailgate

  • Oct 13th Capital City Cavaliers Tailgate

  • Oct 20th Jefferson City Jays Tailgate


All tailgates start at 5 pm

Thank You, Central Bank!

We want to extend a heartfelt thank-you to Central Bank for their unwavering support in hosting these tailgate events. Their commitment to the community and the belief in providing drug-free fun for everyone have been instrumental in making these events a success year after year.

Join us for an Unforgettable Experience!

Central Bank tailgate events are more than just football games; they are celebrations of unity, joy, and the pursuit of a drug-free lifestyle. Together, we can create an atmosphere of positivity and support for our local youth while enjoying the thrill of high school football.

Come join us at the next tailgate event and be a part of this incredible community experience! Check back on our website for updates, sign-up forms, and event details.


Let's make a difference together!

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